Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Digi Pimp My day

Last week Saturday, Me and large of group of nuffnang blogger descend on One Utama to attend Digi Pimp My Day Contest . Me, Suresh , Diese , Jonathan ( uffnang blogger that i known over innit) have managed to from our own group known as C4. The Contest is itself can be best described as physically and mentally challenging coz we need to run, puff and try to complete the task within 2.5 hour scattered around One Utama. Among the task are baseball challenge at Bait Cage , running on treadmill at Fitness 1st for 0.8 km, Camwhoring and posing at Quick Silver , funny Pole dancing at Mardi Gras, Blow pipe challenge, Crack the Code challenge based on Digi latest ads, swatch Tv advertisement Challenge and "Downloading Latest Song" by Akon and Lady Gaga using Digi Broadband at One Utama Digi Service Center.

C4 Powered By Digi Broadband

C4 Group Posing

Digi broadband within the same brown envelope thingy

Diese trying to upload music into playlist

Surf without fear


0.8 Km! OMG. I really need to exercise more often !

Insert dart. Aim. Take a deep breath and shot. Bulleyes!

Hard Working blogger on work (Xiang, iceseraph)

Managed to find a couch inside the Mardi Gras Club to blog bout experiences.

Upon arrival at starting point. Good news. Our group managed to finish all the task within time frame. Boy ! we really drink lotsa water and food to rejuvenate ourselves .Here is some video clip of additional entertainment that the event organizer featuring professional pole dancer and Kl Stomp:-

After that,the prize give away ceremony hosted by Jojo ( for more picture , log to *Unofficial photographer of the event*, marshmallowpopsicles.blogspot.com) before the event wrap up around 9. 30 pm.

PS: My feet is hurting, sweating like non stop , look pretty messed up but I have one fantastic fun day with Digi!


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OMG! which one is u?

I went for Digi Pimp my Day but didnt had a chance to meet u..