Monday, December 14, 2009

I found a star on my doorstep!

After being stuck-hell jam and sandwich inside the Klang Valley infamous public transportation. I arrived at my house doorstep to find Santa Claus *Nah* actually a dude from local delivery service company carrying odd-locking package for me. A brief paperwork with my signature on dot. I found myself, the owner of this mysterious package. Slowly, I unwrapped the package revealing * Drum please* the Samsung Star aka S5603. Wooot ! Unbelievable. I won a 3G phone from Remaja ( local tv show by Tv3 channel) . I guess my "Bahasa Malaysia " is not that trusty.To be honest, I didn't place any hope on winning it when submiting my e-mail entry . Ending December,2009 with high note for more thingy at 2010.

My spanky new Handphone Thingy

Good Quality Pix using the camera function

It comes with handy function like frame moment too! ^^

PS: Will take some time to familiarities myself with phone function.

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