Thursday, December 17, 2009

Color Me Corby

Alright then. Keep the streak going. Samsung is dishing more activities for especially for Nuffnang blogger with Color Me Corby contest.They are organizing the Samsung Corby Carnival (paintball session expected), where lotsa fun related thingy is going to held soon at Sunway Extreme Park next January 2010. To enter u need:-

1) Write a blog post titled "Color Me Corby" and share with your readers how colorful your life is (literally or non-literal)

2) Take a picture of yourself themed with one of the colors of Samsung Corby.

3) Take a picture of yourself themed with one of the colors of Samsung Corby.
It really get my attention seriously till point I using my twin "Pinkie Pirate" for 1st to Camwhore!

The Samsung Corby is available at 4 different colour set . Yellow. Pink. White. Orange. Press here for more info the Specification. Wait a minute. I Not using using Corby yet however, I could get few good idea on how it work. Coz I'm using and enjoying my new shinning Samsung Star 3G. Here my one week story about my experince using it.

Capturing+ editing photo is fun.Seriously.

For stater, after capturing the photo I could do light tweaking and editing with photo directly without the use of my computer before uploading to twitter, facebook and etc within second. Cool.

Yes, I'm indeed happy now !

Now, I could surf the net using my mobile anywhere, anytime 24/7 . That mean i could respond to FB or twitter message within few second. Awesome. *Yeap* I notice by using the phone recently,I could make myself stand out of the crowd (literally speaking) and lot'sa curious question from friends alike. Note: I could attached pix, video , music and etc files and send it directly to my intended e-mail address using the number pad function from the main menu thus saving me lot'sa time especially on the road.

*I just disturb a pussy-cat nap for perfect shot*

Caught this napping cat while having my breakfast. This as near I could get close before the cat ran away.

Not compel with just taking pussy-cat pix. I descent to find another willing *victim* model for my photo session. Spotted a birdie and few second ...... viola a edited photo using the "Frame" setting.

Inserting emotion, pix, editing, text and another thingy is another thingy I explored using my Samsung Star . After a week using it, I can say it score "10 of 10" for me.

Btw, here is the pix I submitting for the contest. Not sure about the getting invite but hey! I'm having a blast of my time using my new phone. ^^!

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