Friday, November 27, 2009

A New Razor Blade

Source: Japan Trend Shop

Ouch. Ouch. That Hurt alot. Even using those so called shaving cream + state of the shaver. Shaving can be horrific experienc especially U gotta to some where else fast. Until, I discovered the Hitachi Rotary Razaq priced US 144 (excluding shipping cost) from Japan Trend Shop. Here is some of the features:-

The Hitachi Rotary Razaq SX110 comes with:

• Travel Pouch
• Power adapter
• Shaver oil, brush, and blade cleaner
• Instruction manual (Japanese)


• Color: Blue or Silver (default). Please specify.
• Power: AC100V 50/60Hz
• Rechargeable internal ni-cad battery
• Weight: 145g
• Size: 65 x 150 x 45m

The Hitachi Rotary Razaq is an electric WET shaver that is not only stylish in every way, but gives an amazingly close shave. It’s omni-directional blades get your beard at every angle for perfect smoothness. The blade is completely washable.

The Rotary Razaq’s strong motor goes 3,500rpm, so it’s powerful as well. Since it’s waterproof, shaving and both cleaning are simple and can be done in the bath or shower, and the slim, ergonomic grip keeps it from slipping.

An amazing razor for any situation, and available only from Japan.


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