Saturday, November 14, 2009

IPhone = Phone Book

I know many folk here in Malaysia are already using Iphone or planning to get one very soon to FB, twitter, chat, games , whatever even it thou might hurt your piggy bank. Anyway , a Japanese developers Mobile Art Lab have come up with a unique way to mix technologies old and new. (Iphone and book) . "You take a specially produced picture book with a “playing window” in it and then read the pages whilst interacting with the screen. The makers worked on the project under the slogan “Analog on the Digital Technology” and we think they succeeded. It’s certainly more interesting than other e-books we’ve seen!

The implications may be that kids will use iPhones with this application arguably not as phones but as reading tools. They will be able to own a library of these special picture books and, after downloading the application, read in a totally new way."Check the video below.


PS: Be prepared . U might seeing lotsa kid using the I-phone on the street very soon

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