Monday, November 23, 2009

10 country in 22 days!

Ending 2009 in style!

After reading the Star newspaper on Contiki , I really can travel to (most) entire part of Europe for mere $1898 (Euro) under the Euro Camping 21 Days tour package. Imagine a group of people pooling their money to travel to other place thus sharing the cost . I felt excited, virtually speaking without the need to break my piggy bank. Paris. Swiss Alps . French Riveria. Pisa. Florence . Rome . Venice. OMG! Are some of the exciting place that included in the tour. To top it off , there are optional activites like Gondola ride ($ 21.00 ), Bavarian Beerhall ($ 21.00) or cool Parisian diner for $ 34.00. Despite sharing duties like preparing food, pitching and sharing tent and etc. I considered it a wonderful experinces to at lest travel to Europe at lest once in my lifetime with shoe string budget with people sharing the same interest and within my age bracket (18 to 35) with lotsa time to do site-seing without the hassle of conventional tour.

Here is some info from contiki about their service:-

1) 47 years on, the Contiki spirit is stronger than ever. We travel to over 40 countries on 5 continents. We have more fun. We meet more people. And we’re trusted by travellers all over the world.

2) No one older. No one younger. Travel with us & you’ll meet people your age, make friends from all over the world & share some incredible times together.

3) Your Contiki crew doesn’t just organise your trip, they’re part of it. They’re young, friendly & have done their homework on where you’re going to help you find what you’re after; meaning you’ll enjoy the places you visit even more.

4) Lugging a heavy backpack in the rain? Getting lost? Hanging around wasting time? Not with Contiki! We do the hard work for you, so you can get on with having a good time.

5) All our tours are flexible and give you free time every day. So you’ll have plenty of time to do your own thing. We also give you plenty of great ideas (and prices) with our Explore More optional activities.

6) Every tour has Included Highlights included in the price of your tour. Wherever you are, we’ll line up trips to famous monuments, guided walking tours, organised nights out & more. At no extra cost.

7) All Contiki tours include breakfast every day & many dinners. But we don't cover every meal, especially lunches, so you can explore in your free time, meet the locals & try things out on your own.

8) For a small supplement, you can book your own room. Or we can pair you up with another traveller (same sex), for no extra cash.

9) Get off the beaten track with our expert local guides, who’ll share their knowledge, so you can discover even more.

Visit Europe — a traveller's rite of passage, Australia — a surfer's paradise, or New Zealand — the adventure capital of the world. Uncover the mysteries of Egypt, Russia and Mexico. Trek across the USA & Canada. And explore up-and-coming South East Asia. The world's a big place, but Contiki's got it covered!

Note: For Local booking , please call Holidays Tours at 03-62866288 or

Source and pix : Contiki


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I will read more about this cos i love traveling!

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Wen Pink said...

is this an ad? or.. you are really going to sign up for it? looks so cool leh!

Spectre said...

rean & 123 : thx for reading!

Wen pink: yea be saving very hard using my trusty milo tin to afford no frill vacation