Thursday, October 15, 2009

Nico Digi Lomo Camera

Okay. Time to shake the slacker mode off. Spotted the Nico Digi Lomo Camera (wikipedia) at KLue and it's designed to very lightly compact for its size. It provide some of the lower end digital camera a run for your money since it can take picture and video at same time. Available for RM 205.00 at TheClickshop. It really bring up the fun factor back to photo session since u can avoid bring the big clunky DLSR camera. The downside it lack a LCD preview unless u bringing a laptop along for photo session.

Note: Beside the Digital Lomo Camera, the Blackbird Lomo camera

Spotted "The Blackbird, fly “Masked Rider Decade” Limited Edition is brought back! The LAST VERSION now comes with a leather strap and a leather film holder mimicking the main character in “Masked Rider Decade”.Priced around RM 565.oo and it's limited unit (1000 unit).


Ken Wooi said...

looks like a cool camera.. =P

Unknown said...

Ken: it designed to bring fun factor back just point n shoot :D

FilmSnap said...

Filmsnap also selling this..