Monday, October 19, 2009

Momiji Dolls!

Spotted Cute Doll.Turn it upside down . Look for the message and viola X'tra Cute thingy for yourcollection. Something Like a message in the bottle but replaced with a doll around the size of your palm of your hand . Taking the cue from KLue both September and October issue. I just might find a suitable Christmas present. This lovely hand painted cute collection of message-bearing friendship dolls from the Land of the Rising Sun. Momiji dolls were hand-painted beauties are set to take over the desks of designer doll fans everywhere. Me included. Cuz i can stuff my personalize message inside the Momiji dolls like "U got C4 today! Cheers XD". For example only.Priced around RM 49.90 or U can take part under Klue Steal and Deal Contest and maybe win one for yourself or your friend!

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