Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pimp Up Hand Sanitizer?

Info and Image :

Since "The Raya" break , I noticed it's quite impossible to not mingle or offer a simple handshake with your friend.Plus, if u are sick with Dettol type of Hand Sanitizer or other cheapo brand. Maybe a Hot Pimp up version with Tiger image from Eedhardyhabit will do the thing to keep u safe from the nasty H1N1 virus. Just double check the price before buying .

PS:Latest check on the websites reveal the entire Hand Sanitizer have "Sold Out".Ouch.


kenwooi said...

wow very colourful..haha.. =P

Spectre said...

ken: YEA Colorful *made in usa* thingy

Seraph said...

omg lol...damn bling wei!