Friday, July 24, 2009

Spectre van-tastic Adventure

Need to take a vacation but lack the cash then u in luck , mate ! Geoff aka the free-wheeling temple to calm and cool, one who has come to us from a place of peace, love and wisdom at Aussie is looking for brave seven pairs of travellers, one for each of Australia's stunning states, to become Van-Tastic Adventurers. Here is some info bout him.
  • He is a 1999 Toyota Hiace Hi-Top Camperva
  • He has 2.5l of karmic capacity, enough to take you in comfort to higher astral planes (and even to Townsville)
  • He has a suitably funkadelic paint-job: it’s loud enough to find him in the Daintree Rainforest, bright enough to see him from the other side of the Nullarbor
  • He’s wired. And – er – by that we mean he’s digitally equipped with a laptop computer, and a digital video camera and wireless broadband so you can keep the world updated on your Van-Tastic Adventure
  • He’s got all the gear you’ll need to travel in comfort, including camping gear and sleeping bags
  • He has aural protection against all dark forces and negative energies – which means he is fully insured. (Note, however, Geoff’s benevolence does have a limit: any team which shows too little respect for him will incur a $2,000 excess…)
  • Fly you and your team mate from anywhere in the world to take part *even Malaysia*
  • Chuck you the keys to our beloved karmic campervan
  • Give you free access to some of your state's top attractions
  • Give you $1,000 worth of petrol
  • Tell you all the great places to go
  • And we'll give you six weeks use of a digital video camera and laptop
To take part in the contest, just press this link.

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