Sunday, July 12, 2009

Must Wake Up Early :RM 20 K is waiting for me

Will u wake up early in the morning ? Before 7.30 am preferably or early? Do a 5 minutes transfroming from half-asleep dude to sway looking executive or decently dress ? Turn on the radio ASAP to high volume setting ? With your hand clutching a handphone,fixed home phone, office phone and etc. Waiting to cue to call in. For a "One Sure Jackpot "answer. Well, many did and all ended fail. The end result is RM 20,700 prize waiting to be grabbed by anyone tommororow on Pagi Show, "WakeUpYourBrain". The mighty question that C4 many contestent until today is "Malaysia is the 3rd highest .............." Sound Simple. Wrong. Judging from the horde of answer given and pasted online. This gotta to be one trickest question of all. W

PS: To join in , just surf the flyfm websites and tune in to radio station and call during the cue to
PS: 20 K , that lotsa moo-lah!

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