Friday, July 3, 2009

Free HairCut At Times Square!

Fancy "Get A FREE HAIRCUT, Break a record and walk away with an exclusive Cut-A-Thon T-shirt! Well on 25 july 2009 (Saturday) 11 am -7 pm , there going to be a record breaking event at Times Square event for Malaysia Book of record for the most haircuts in a day!
By the way , you and your friends or teh tarik crew could also win tix to Cosmos World Theme Park too!

PS: Registration is free-lah to everyone

source: THE SUN


c0co said...

jom spec mau pi tak?~*XD

Spectre said...

Coco:YES! for free hair cut + tix no problem

Anonymous said...

malaysian records for most haircut.. nothing else better ar.. lol.. malaysia boleh la.. =P

Spectre said...

ken: maybe but at lest from my point of view, a free haircut with friends