Wednesday, July 29, 2009

DayDreaming about RM 5,000

So do u want to win RM 5,000 ringgit? .... I know that is one weird question! Anyway, since I stuck in a small cubicle and I overhead is promoting a contest where u can "WIN
5 thousand ringgit" by mere registering in the websites and wait for weird men in black suit to follow to tail u while u doing your daily chores whatever it is . Then listen carefully for the clues given over radio before calling the and tada "U won RM 5,000". Until today, there is already one lucky winner with RM 5,000 in his bank account and one ,minus the RM 5,000 since she did not call in. Anyway, good luck if u entering the contest!


IndependentQueen said...

Radio contest? I give up ler.. I took me forever to get thru the line =(

Spectre said...

queen: i managed to call during the que to call for but alas i not the ONE. U should try and try again !