Friday, June 12, 2009

Spectre: Imagine Life without Gadget *Ka Chang*

I just got email from Samsung Malaysia today. It would seem there is another contest coming out for Malaysian Blogger ^^! Just write 3 different topic on a imaginative blog and make the nation part in awe.......... *speechless* Okay, let stay with something a simple topic. What happen *start to imagine-lah* if my life without any Gadget *Ka Chang* . That would like "End of the world for me" cuz I would be cut off from the rest of the world and left me high and dry . Let' me x'plain in 9 point form so u guys can understand it better.

1) OMG! I would not know the Japanese are building a real-life GUNDAM without my IT Ka-chang!

2) Chatting with fellow nuffnanger over innit is kinda No-No....

pix from the Star newspapers

3) 24/7 Alert. Keeping my mask handy for the Flu and haze session

4) Forget bout it, I could not win thingys like freebies *t-shirt, event, movies, food and etc! ^^!

5) I would Not meet any new friends and it kinda hard to call them out for mamak session!
unless handphone is nearby!

6) Learn the infamous "Free Hug" from Dusty another infehmes blogger
*yea ,No learning new tips and trick!*

7) A few post, call, sms and vollla I'm RM250 richer !
No Gadget, No way to get Moo-lah in 24 hours

8) My infamous attempt to get free supply of Krispy Kreme !
*No more posting of my infamous adventure *

9)See, without my Ka-chang I have no Control over losta thing!

Would you guys agree?

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