Tuesday, June 23, 2009

No news is very "BAD NEWS!"

Taken from wikipedia

Many year ago, my Mass Comm lecturer ask us (a horde of teenager adjusting to college life )"What is the magical thing that make a artist a very hot news to sell?" Some of us blurted some partial correct answer but the truth, no one of us is closer to the truth. He raise his finger and start to count them one by one.

ONE. SEX. TWO. DRUGS. THREE.MONEY.FOURTH.SCANDALS. All of us went to a state of shock. WHY? Simple.Is part of the wheel of fame process. No fame = no money.

Despite public negative feedback, drugs, sex, money and scandals become a artist most potent and lethal arsenal beside he/her usual acting or singing skill. Enough to sway many people to their personal cause aka attention. Some may argue artists are like us and have their own set of weakness.Maybe. But then again.

Which successful artist u that know have not profited from playing the fame game?

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