Thursday, June 11, 2009

Blood The Movie : C4 @@

Truth: The anime version is much better.

the premier release of Blood in Japan


While watching the movie Blood yesterday, "What is she or other cast is speaking about? " is playing again and again inside my mind. Maybe the movie should be done in Japanese language since the cast is literally stumbling in their dialog * I can hear some the audience is laughing each time they very hard try to speak American English* ............. plus with haywire plot, *not like vampire* horde that use steel or anything they can yank like hooligan or using ninja way to kill their opponent, the 1970 settings with Afro type vampire . It very kinda weird movie compared to the anime version. At lest the pre screening party is more fun and lively with lotsa undead running loose around Cineleisure with free flow of Starbuck and muffins plus with familar blogger snapping at the undead *it's a cosplay event* .

PS:the 1st thing i did after the movie ended, I airborne back to my bed.

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