Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Star Trekking Day

When is my turn to answer? *sigh*
long queue to RED.FM deejay

Ok. This is my 1st time attending a movie premier " Star trek" organized by AMBP at One Utama. In short form. Excellent! Managed to meet up with Bernard, Diese (my guest to the movie, ), dusty,hitomi,flyguy, zhao, nigelais(my college mate) and lotsa other blogger. With good food, drink , minds games * plus running here and there at One Utama LG and G level with Diese with lotsa shopper (Note: we did not win anything but hey it kinda cool) , Q and A session with Red. fm deejay to win freebies * Bernard and Diese must be happy with new T-shirt*Anyway the movies rock like one hot "goreng pisang". It deserved a A grade for the final score. The organizer deserved a *huge* pat for organizing the event. I am curios and looking for more event under AMBP.

Hello ! Hello! this Captain Spectre !
*evil smile*
All hands on deck!
(inside the Studio V)

Bernard chatting with me
*hitomi in the right, flyguy on the way back*

It's a "Everyone" movie event!
*maybe the little girl got dragged to the event*

Looks the wrong way
*holding the invites ticket*

Posing with one of the crew.
Final verdicts: Star Trek rocks!

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haha awesome! =D