Saturday, May 16, 2009

I'm a Standout in Life!

Suffering from the "De Ja Vu" feeling

It's 7 plus . I head out for bathroom for the familiar thingy that I use daily to clear my teeth. Thus begin my all familiar routine. Monday to Friday. 9 to 6. Jam. The Human wave. Back and forth. Unfamiliar faces. Familiar Faces . Slowly, things becomes very rigid and dead end for me eventually.

No! this a real remote controlled "SIU KEONG"

The same routine. It kinda being remotely controlled and it kinda suck big time like the poor cockroach here. Something has to be done and fast or I end like robot.Devoid of life.

Picture taken from wenpink!

A very Simple plan will suffice to make me stand out. It started with a unofficial donut outing a year ago (I think) then evolved to full blown movie outing with other blogger. A chain reaction started to happen. I'm doing things and getting free freebies too. ^^!

*Almost* Getting Free Hugs thingy

Nothing beat the feeling of meeting up new friends and stranger alike over nice meal and drink. But most importantly.

I felt in total command and control like the young Star Trek Captain yelling order left and right to his hardworking crew manning the spaceship." STAND UP! you land lubber and moved your A$$!"

By the way , are u prepared to "Stand Out" with Nuffnang and Tiger? U just need to take ACTION!

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