Thursday, April 2, 2009


Zombie Here and there ! Zombie all around my tin car tank. No , this is not a April fool joke even i want to. If "Left 4 Dead" have you hungry for blood and mayhem or probably plainly no enuf zombie to place your head shot then "Zombie blitzkrieg" may be your thing for their upcoming expansion "Tales of Valor" for Company of Heroes. Here some of the detail.

Supports: 2-4 players

Operation Zombie Blitzkrieg isn’t exactly a new operation in itself, but is a modified version of the Operation Panzerkrieg multiplayer mode. As with Operation Panzerkrieg, you’ll take control of one of four armored tanks. However, the most noticeable difference is you won’t be fighting Axis soldiers – you’ll be fighting the undead instead.

Yes, the Germans have finally deployed their doomsday weapon, a powerful modified V1 rocket that contained a deadly virus payload that has turned the entire town of Alsace, France, which has been converted into a German science complex, into a biological hazard that is crawling with zombies. Whether they were previously friend or foe matters not, as the zombies have only one goal: destroy anything that enters their sleepy town.

Unfortunately for the Allies, an expert team of tank veterans have become separated from their Company, and must travel through the town to reach the German border to meet up with their unit. Equipped with four of the most powerful tanks the Allies have to offer, players must use the Direct Fire mode to destroy the endless horde of undead foes if they wish to make it through the town.

The zombies may have no weapons, but they are certainly deadly foes. Able to swarm and leap onto the tank, the undead will use their great numbers to slow it down. Eventually, should the tank accumulate enough zombies on it, tank will no longer be able to handle their weight and will stop dead in their tracks, allowing the zombies to dismantle it. For this reason, each tank will find it useful to communicate and work with the other players to ensure that they’re watching each other’s backs.

Each of the tanks that are available in this mode has a unique role, and includes a unique commander tree where you can unlock increasingly powerful abilities. The Crocodile tank can be upgraded with a modified flamethrower that makes burning zombies all the more rewarding, and dedicated players can upgrade the Sherman tank to unlock the ultimate zombie killer – the crabmine flail. The two remaining tanks are equally as equipped to deal with the zombie threat, so all four players should be able to kill zombies, whether it be with tank shells, flamethrowers, mines, or even the crabmine flail.

Victory is achieved by travelling through the map and eventually reaching the borders of the town on the other side of the map. However, this task is not as easy as it seems, as the map is covered in thousands of the undead who would like nothing more than to feast on your tank crew’s brains. Players won’t simply be able to drive through the masses – the Havok physics engine ensures that simply plowing through the undead will slow down your tank and clog up the roads – but instead will have to use their powerful weaponry to blow the zombies into bite-sized bits so they can navigate the winding roads.

It would seem zombies are hot commodities this day!

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