Wednesday, April 22, 2009


from KLUe

Just checking my e-mail yesterday and find out i just won party thingy from KLUe. Yipeee............! *start to scream and shout like crazy person* and here the *modified a bit* sample of the e-mail.

"Dear Winners!

Congratulations! Please be informed that we received your entries for the "XXXXX" contest and you are one of our winners! Please come to the office anytime between 10am - 12pm or 2pm - 6pm on weekdays to collect your "Party Thingy" !

Here's the link to the map to Jaya One which is where our office is: .

Our address & phone number:
Freeform Sdn. Bhd.
B-21-6, Block B, Jaya One
No 72A Jalan Universiti
46200 Petaling Jaya
T : (603) 7958-1377
Once you arrive at Jaya One, look for Block B (it's the one facing Jalan Universiti and has a 7-11), then look for our address as stated above.

For further info, please call the office number stated above.

Best regards,
XXXX from KLue / Junk"

PS: Now i just need to find time to airborne into KLUe office this week.

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