Tuesday, April 28, 2009

C4 Adventure: Raiding the 1st Krispy Kreme Outlet!

MY ID *80* out few hundred lining for Krispy Kreme (pix taken from Jackie blog)

Would u sleep outside in a floor? With couple a buddies taking turn to guard your 1st place? to get a free supply of Donut . Well someone did ...... (plus have not taken a bath since friday or good sleep. For someone *me* that have not taste Krispy Kreme donut before this is probably most extreme i would do to get a dozen of their famed dozen donut by waking early before 6 , took quick shower , light breakfast and head to nearest LRT Station before switching to Monorail. To my surprise, I saw this shocking scenario ............ as I was getting closer to Krispy Kreme outlet.


Human waves of people are lining up .Young and old. Working people and college student alike. carrying tool of trade like notebook , food , water , pillow and etc. All waiting and eager for the clock strike at 10. While waiting, some did receive free t-shirt (early bird) ,iced cool water, the hat *scroll down bellow* and plus the flyer to guide us the type of donut they have.There are some light entertainment by singer plus Rina as the emcee from 8TV to entertain us for awhile to get the crowd to stay awake before they let us into the outlet. Flash from camera from media and fan are swinging left and right. People are cam whoring accompanied by with sound.

*Bernand,Jackie and Coco have come during this time to err..... take my pictures while waiting in line*

While inside the outlet, I can see all memorabilia of Krispy Kreme donut neatly stacked on the wall. I feel excited as the customer relationship executive explains the process of making the donut *marvel at their donut making making process plus usual "Ooooh!" and "Ahhhhhh !"*, their history plus a free donut while waiting in line. Wait .......... as I taste the mouthwatering donut down my mouth. The taste, the smell , sweat aroma ......... is very electrifying,soothing and quite different from other donut that i tasted before. For Rm 19.90, the dozen deal *12 pieces of donut* is probably the best thing to cure your working blues or your taste bud anytime.

Hot and fresh donut ready to served!
The navy shaped plastic helmet as shown one by the staff and the donut!

The golden ticket winner plus free supply of KK donut!
*Me! One month of free supply of KK donut!


Don't worry , guys and gals .Those who misses out the premier opening can now *book a space* at Mid valley from end of May onward since they planning to open their new outlet there . Anyone want to join me to camp there?

*Source : PIX taken from The Sun*


Josh said...

When I come down to KL remember treat me C4-free donut ok? XP

Spectre said...

josh:offer is limited to May only XD

Jowy said...

Hey!!!! We SHOWERED!!! WE BATHED!!! We're not stinky people xDDDD
We did go home and shower!!! It was well-worth it for the Golden Ticket!!

Chen said...

It was worth it alright Nya =D
We didn't survive 2 nights without shower! Exhausting. But amazing and good enough experience for us 6 =)

Spectre said...

jowy and chen: Cool u got one one year supply of KK donut for your effort! XD