Thursday, March 12, 2009

A N W, Dragonball,blogger and misadventure

There is old saying "If is not broken don't fix it". Sadly no one listen.
So all dragonball fans are fuming mad when watching this movie.

Yumcha. Sadly nothing more than extra.

Even the Master Roshi played by legendary Chow Yun Fat cannot saves this movie.

Compressing the entire DG world into 1 hour plus movies means Kabooom.
Sorry.This KA MA HE MA is not working.Dude.

Even Bulma capsule thingy fail.

Chi what? Another Pretty girl with *ahem*. Boring.

The DragonBall movie screening by Nuffnang
*sapu from Jackie*

Me! Me ! Me! *on the second right side* at A n W

Woot! Spectre managed to meet up with some of the blogger at last. Bernard, Yennie, Wen Pink, Little Cicak aka Issac, *ME*, Jackie for the Dragon Ball movie by nuffnang. The movie kinda K.O (refer to Bernard Blog) but anyway it was a great time cause later I managed to meet with Greg, hitomi,marcus and etc. *like a army of bloggers has comes* at the GSC foyer area. I almost caused Jackie and Bernard to drift into North-South Highway *sorry Jackie* by lucky there is U-turn and managed arrived safely at my temporary home despite everything is kinda pitch black and feeling sleepy. Overall , I guess this good outing for the 1st time.

PS: for more photo, check out Jackie facebook photo.


vialentino said...

nice nice bloggers gathering for was the movie?

wen pink said...

it was nice meeting u too!! heheh!

Spectre said...

Via: Dragonball is sinking fast
Wen pink: Yes it a blast!