Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Ahem. So everyone this day is tighten their belt to weather the bad economy . So today, i going to give the lowdown on 10 thingy Spectre *me-lah* need to survive or u if the thing it i wrote is relevant to your daily need.Okay let move, move it.

10) My daily source for *affordable* nasi economy,noodle, char koew teow, Mee kari, etc. aka Kedai Kopi or Coffeeshop (the no-frill version). Usually spend like 30 minutes or more if the services kinda slow or full packed with customer during lunch hour. Note: First come first serve system, latecomer with penalised with almost empty selection of dish.

Source: pix taken from genting.com.my

9) Vacation. I need lotsa vacation to keep our sanity alive most of the time . Wait, why genting i guys must be asking. 1st it kinda near to KL/PJ city centre area and u can gamble *ahem* play the endless exicting ride in the park plus u can just take the Genting bus for less than RM 10 from KL Sentral.

8) Sick and tired of Screamyx. So I decided to try something else to keep myself online soon!

Source: from vkeong.com

7) Casual sit-down restaurant or in our local term Mamak restaurant/stall.Usually operate in open air enviroment with lotsa good food especially roti canai and teh tarik! Beside eating and drinking, it is a good place to unwind after long day at work or studying. I can spend more few hour there provided there is a big giant screen showing latest EPL match!

6) I like KFC. Move away McD ! It's a really finger licking experinces ! (Note: It really hard choice between ramly burger n KFC.-.-!)

5) I need to pay the barber/ hair saloon a visit on monthly basis to keep my hair neat and trim.

4) I shop at c4 outlet or similar (c4=carrefour) to keep my piggy bank in one piece.

3) I need my daily dose of my fav. singer everyday to keep my creative mind working minus buying that "P" version.

Source:from hotlink

2) Handphone+service provider. U need it. I need it . The most popular thingy on earth if u need to order that pizza delivery! XD

1) Blogging! thx to nuffnang for providing the platform for the blogger to mingle around online and offline!

Thats it . The end. kaput. Now, where my c4 ?


amenwolf said...

AWWWWW And I thought you were talking about DOTA Spectre..

But wait... DOTA only 6 slots... you have 10!!! lol


Spectre said...


curryegg said...

Lol... budak ni... :)
Thank to NUffnang too cos I found you here with your C4... haha..

Spectre said...

Curryegg: ROFL