Sunday, February 8, 2009

Why I kenot open this Can?

Just bought this thingy recently..

Tired.Thirsty.Worn Out. I head out to the kitchen area to open a new can of drink to open it and OMG! . I almost forget! this is not a normal can of drink from the 7-eleven store. This is a
"USB Can Humidifier" . How to tell you guy in simple terms. *Blink* Yes! It a thingys that u attached to a pc or notebook (Mac included) then later it will shoot lotsa stim that keep your office/room smelling like new unless u prefer the usual rotten smell of unwashed carpet. ROFL!
Don't believe me! Just airborne to for more info. Remember, there is no soft drink inside the can(the water chamber is for creating stim) .Head to nearest 7-11 or store if u wan real can drink! SWT! out of can drink again ! Time to go shopping at Jaya Jusco.

Can USB features:

• Size: 120 x 65mm (4.7 x 2.5”)
• Weight: 150g.
• Water chamber: 140ml.
• USB cable: 1 meter
• 2 filters included

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Joy said...

LOL !!
wow cool !