Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Super Kawaii your way to cleaness !

First thing, U drop the cute kawaii thingy inside pool of dirty water and watch that thingy sock ip all nasty dirt,grime and dirt more faster u can order a wholesome meal from McD. Okay I make the part Mc D but can really does the job by "Drop the Float Clear into the bath, and watch as it absorbs the oil, dirt, and residue. Simply squeeze it out after, toss it in the washing machine, or wash in the sink before your next bath!" and the water can be reusable many times.

Price: 44 US D

Float Clear Bath Ball features:

• Colors: Yellow or Green
• Antibacterial material
• Weight: 70g.
• Reusable
• Instructions: Japanese

PS: I am unsure why the designer use kawaii look.Maybe something to do with their anime culture.

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