Saturday, February 14, 2009

Handphone FTW!

Okay ! I guess most of you folk are familiar with Handphone even my cousin " Kopi Peng" own 3 different model and like to play Rihenna Umbrella again and again on each phone to annoy us during CNY! But unlike the model available here in Malaysia, KKDI is doing the "pimp up my style" by using the branded handphone instead like:-

The pink Sony Ericsson for fashion conscious girl. A hot item during Valentine day,one thing for sure!

The SH001 is a Sharp phone that excels at photography, with an 8 mega pixel camera loaded on board. And from Kyocera, AU is offering the K001, a phone with a colorful band and customized skin that allows the phone to function like a clutch purse—for the fashion conscious, or perhaps those who are tired of missing important phone calls trying to dig their mobiles out from the bottoms of their massive handbags.

Walkman Phone Premium3 from manufacturer Sony Ericsson that promises the best sound quality to date for those who are fans of AU’s Lismo music download service. Then there is the Wooo H001 (created by Hitachi), the world’s first mobile with a 3D image supported 3.1 inch liquid crystal screen, for those who prefer high-tech visuals.

I guess the current economics meltdown have banded those once rival handphone company into partner to create this kind of "idea of an “all-around good phone” into a wide-range collection of phones that are really advanced in one particular function from touchscreens to fashion design."

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