Friday, February 27, 2009

Free IPhone ?

Spotted Danny in Stormtrooper with a Iphone?

Now that one free big thingy (if u don't mind paying the monthly subscriptions)

From "The carrier for the iPhone in Japan Softbank have announced a promotion called "iPhone For EveryBody" where you can getan iPhone for 0 yen."Only the 8GB model is available for free but one still needs to pay the monthly fee of 2,324 yen for talk time.
Softbank do recommend however that one takes out the full packet plan too which gets you unlimited internet access - total amount comes to 5,705 yen."The promotion period is between Feb 27th and May 31st."

Really is the economy getting worst or Softbank is getting rid of old stock.Nevertheless, It can be considered a steal then buying a one will definitely cost a arm and leg. I wonder our local telecommunication's group will do the same here using the Iphone? Time will tell.

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