Thursday, January 29, 2009

Spectre update on LaMB-Animax !

What the date again? Hmmm ! I am getting forgetful following my recent all you can eat Chinese New Year dinner gathering. Oh ya! The update on LaMB animax . Well for starter, my name is inside the list of winner. Good thingy too since some folk don't believed I have actually won thingy from Animax-Asia. I wonder why? Anyrate , I got 2 new wallpaper from main LaMB Animax Asia websites plus some cool emoticon. Until then, Spectre is airborne!

Emoticon Details (*pic from LaMB-animax websites)

Eve Emoticon

Jack Emoticon

A red dusty emoticon of Eve.

A red dusty emoticon of Jack.

Keiko Emoticon

LaMB Video

The Press Conference of LaMB-Animax, 2008 ~

Summertime-featured track in LaMB OST

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