Saturday, January 3, 2009

Spectre joining contest !

PS: The dude with blackout eyes is Danny Choo not a wanted criminal !

Okay , after airborning around the and receiving a e-mail from animax-asia about the Lamb contest. Why not? the prize consist of a Laptop, Sony PSP, USB Speaker plus limited edition of Trexi toy sound good and with 10 Animax goodie bags throw in. I be the 1st (maybe not) to sign in for the contest . Let me shed some light if you wanted to join in! Alright!

*pix source from wikipedia*

1) You must be from Southeast Asia region
"Participants must be citizens or legal residents of Singapore, Malaysia,
Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and other Southeast Asian countries
where Animax is available. "
*So aliens from outer space is out*

2)below 16= *parental consent*
Press the
link here at facebook to join!

3) 1 December to 31 january 2009 (Singapore time)

Of course if work better with Idol based calender XD

4)It free like getting food sample!

5) Spectre will *Hijack* your precious Crispy Kreme Donut if...!
*LOL! JOKING! er ignore this post!XD*

BTW, In the coming day I will probably blog more on the contest yet keeping a good eye for new things on9. Until then, Spectre is airborne.

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