Sunday, January 25, 2009

Simple Plan.....................

It way back around 2002 , I hearing this song playing in the local airwaves while walking to my college nearby and suddenly I was like hooked into this Simple plan thingy. Okay that was 2002. Now, If i am to choose a theme song for LaMB , I would choose *without any doubt*...........


Why? Well, when the song which played by Simple Plan reach my local airwaves station . It really touch my heart and minds because the song show despite the how sick, grim and darkness is clouding our life and society presently. But will get better in time because "Yes, We can change!" our life. XD

"The Live Version of Crazy" from Youtube!

By the way, anyone here that want to download the "OST: I Can Wait Forever" on their handphone.Feel free to jump into this link but only for U.S resident only. -.-!

Simple Plan FTW!

Thus this is my final Q & A session about LaMB contest topic. Maybe I try to answer the rest if I got some time to spare.PS: I never thought my fav. Band will get involved in animation based production plus personally winning some cool merchandise too. Btw, Happy Chinese Year to everyone in the online world. YUM SHENG! (Cheers!)

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