Saturday, January 24, 2009

LaMB Animax: The Cast (Tanaka Chie)

Has anyone here seem the Cape No.7 movie lately? No? A lovely movie I dare to say! If not you should make a trip to a video store or somewhere nearby and get the movie immediately! But today , I not blogging about the movie but instead I am focusing on one the movie cast ,the lovely actress Chie Tanaka which now taking a role as Keiko Suzuki, a character in the upcoming Animax-LaMB animation. After starring in Initial D with Jay Chou as Miya (Gas station girl / Itsuki's love interest) ,she was given big opportunities to star in a movie directed by none other than Wei Te-Sheng, now famous director of Cape No. 7.

Another lovely pix and post by her while giving a interview last year December at Taiwan. Read the rest here. From a person which could not speak a word of Mandarin more than a year ago plus coming all the way from Japan directly to star in Mandarin Language movie (Cape 7, fluent due to intense training and coaching) .She really shine in her acting part and I surprised to see her in movie screen soon or something like animation for quite long time in the future.Feel free to airborne into her blog (Japanese with a bit of Mandarin here and there)
PS: For those who those who managed to purchase the Malaysia Gameaxis magazine (2008 December edition, there is section dedicated for her detailing her role in the upcoming LaMB Animax.


Josephine said...

LEng Lui!
She looks very weet!

Spectre said...

YES! ^^!

vrempire said...

Aaawwww..that looks so innocent :)

Spectre said...

She so innocent ^^!