Friday, January 2, 2009

IFART *opppps* burpppppppppppps!

Okay! Once a while I also fart during work........ Okay, wrong. That's way wrong coz I never farted at work *technically speaking of course*. and *Burpppppps* Who did it? Okay I did it ? No that not right. the Iphone did it. Honestly,I swear on my roti canai and teh tarik 10 second lives. Okay, you guys must be thinking that I am bullshiting and pushing the blame on the so-innocent Iphone. Nope cuz now the Iphone just got a pimp up version of IFART(the Mobile version-lah) . It got so many version of fart in this application that I can honestly swear it can beat any living record of the type fart available and make me *crossing two finger* want to lay my hands on the Iphone.*Listening to the IFART can really dried out your worries within second and pull some prank on unsuspecting victim too! Let enjoy the power and excitement of Fart now! *plus drive the folk away from you! XD

Available now at iTunes App Store for only $.99 (US currency)

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