Sunday, January 18, 2009

I got whack by a virus -.-!

(pix from aka "Flood Helmet" to cool down my temper!

Few days ago while airborning online, my heavy duty Desktop PC aka C4 becomes so sluggish like those horde of car that is stuck at the traffic jam fro hours at the Federal highway. Suddenly C4 becomes so unstable that it reboot by itself causing all important information that I just typed went down the Davey John Locker. -.-! It would seem my current antivirus program is not good enough to detect that bugger virus lurking inside my c4 ready to destroy my hard day work. Luckily, using other workstation I managed to find this websites and download the Kaspersky anti-virus program (trial version)

AND. Phew!


The Kaspersky Anti-virus program make a short work of it!

The Virus Falls Down with One Strike!

Just Press This Banner just in case you want to C4 that sneaker virus out of your PC , beside its FREE for 30 days plus some amazing deal !

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