Tuesday, January 6, 2009

ALIENS! UFO! Little Green Man ! *shoot C4*

The story of LaMB takes place on the planet Cerra. Do you believe that life forms exist on the other planets?

Ok, before answering the following topic. This one of the few things, I or any contestant of the Lamb-Animax contest must do by answering, a minimum of 4 topic or more if you like as stated in the rules to win some awesome thingy! Here goes nothing! XD

When I was quite small, my 1st encounter and perhaps favorite movies are Aliens where tiny little slimy aliens from space suddenly burst out of nowhere of the hapless victim and hunger for more blood scream, mayhem and err? Aliens! Run for your lives *SCREAMS*!

C'mon guys and gals! If u don't know who is this guy in a red outfit. You better knock yourself hard with a banana or something similar!XD Yes! Ultraman rock and coming to saves us from bad nasty monster! The appeal is so great that until today the studios are still churning more Ultraman related show and coming future.

Woot! Dragonball where the adventure of Son Goku which is a alien with a mission to K.O the earth but managed to do 360 loop. Now he, his buddies with their adventure to search the dragonball have capture my attention and plus aided by lotsa comic book ahem *on loan* from close friends.

Pix source : XL-Shop!

Another little green man (YODA) that managed to grab my attention but with powerful moves and skillful too despite his size! A big A+ ditto for Aliens score mark!

Nothing beat the excitement of watching a variable fighter transform into humanoid robot battling yet another big nasty alien arm with very big ship and guns.Ah! The 80's where small kid ( yes me included) are hooked up with Macross instantly more faster than you can cook 2 minute instant noodle.XD

Let see now! It is a famous a multiplayer game at Korea, cool cinematic, awesome game plays and etc. that can really suck hour of your (me included during college time) life. Lol It's Starcraft where you better start shooting if you wan tto survive or risk getting shred to piece by bid bad nasty Zerg or worse and......

ME HATE HUMMIES! A CHOP UP HUMMIES IS A GOOD HUMMIES~ WARBOSS GARGONZ *screaming and loud explosion in the background* (last transmission recorded by scout team, pix sourced from gamespy.com)

Note: Okay, straight-forward answer. Yes although some may not welcome us with open arms.

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