Saturday, December 20, 2008

U are starting to hearing things 24/7!

What happen if when u start hearing things.... er sound ...... each time you are:-

* having your favourite teh-tarik and roti canai and out of blue, the plate start grooving.....

* bombing the loo *toilet* and there is instant ringing sound blasting underneath your seat that
send u scouring for safety .

* Cat-napping at the sofa and a insane *loud xplosion* suddenly shock you off awake.

* When you are blogging , you feel someone is singing thru the wall nearby where you are seated. When u checked it out, U found nothing!Creepy!

Ahem. No. I not writing a horror story yet. Instead it some of my creative idea I can do with Yorozu Audio Sound Revolution kit worth 89 Us dollars at The Yorozu audio thingy allow u to generate sound minus using a speaker but instead using material like cardboard,plastic,poster,whiteboard and practically anything that have a surface to channel sound as long the vibrating extension is attached *the place to put the jack audio* .By the way, it quite mobile plus it's draw power from the triple A battery.Look like a grade A+ thingy on my personal opinion.

Size: W57xH57xD20mm
Weight: 26g.
Color: White
Standard output: 1W
Maximum output: 2W
AC resistance: 8Ω ± 15%
Frequency characteristics: 425 ~ 9kHz
1 kensington mono speaker
Input: 3.5mm mini-plug
Power: AAA battery x 3
Includes: Main unit, cables, adhesive sheets, manual (Japanese)

Guess my black 80's twin big speaker is now obsolete er?

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