Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Battle Titan DIY Tank features:

• 1 tank DIY kit included. Choose 2 tanks for battle mode
• Infrared gun
• Tank Size: 125 x 45 x 90mm (5 x 1.7 x 3.5”)
• Weight: 260g. (tank), 100g. (controller)
• Power: AAA x 4 (tank), AA x 4 (controller)
• Battery life: 1 hour continuous (tank), 100 hours (controller)
• Controller range: 2 meters (6.5”)
• Manual: Japanese

DO- It- Yourself Skill is needed

Must have thingy if u are still a boy or full grown guy like me and thanks to Paypal I can have this Battle Titan DIY tank from Eleki *52 Us dollars* to bulldozed any cat and dogs with terrifying cannon to dust........... lol joking~lah. But if u have another tank in tow, you can engage in sort of tank fight in your backyard or bathroom (if you like) blasting each other using the latest infared gun minus the real life explosion that can kill you.... XD . Here is the video link.

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