Sunday, December 7, 2008


Times flies so fast that before you know it, Christmas is coming soon to town! But are you still clueless about the toy's you going to buy for your evil nasty...... er angelic nephew or niece of yours. This is something special from JapanTrendshop. Introducing the one,the few, mighty "Siu Keong" aka RC Flying Cockroach (69 USD) . Use it to create fear,chaos and confusion among your female friend or unsuspecting friend while they eating, dining and chit-chatting within your hands. What a awesome device I must say! Time for Siu Keong Vengence!

• Size: 145 x 87 x 90mm (5.7x3.4x3.5”)
• Includes remote/charger
• Power: AA battery x 6
• Manual: Japanese

1 comment:

Zee bo Bee said...

AWwww man!

I have so got to get me one of those!!!