Tuesday, December 30, 2008

SATSUGAI 2008 with a BANG!


The New Year party bash is coming soon and ....er off topic. Which of you guys think best represent cuteness to the point you really *beh tahan* cannot withstand their cute gaze! Pix source from dannychoo.com and byonavi (Japanese language version)


So camwhoring is not your thing. Ok. Fine. Go buy yourself a rocket or D-I-Y one from scrap even school girls can use at the backyard and launch it to the sky or rains it to the irrating party goer *idea only*. Just be careful and don't play near a police station or you end up behind bar.

Option 3: Don your imperial Stormtroopers costumes!

That's it. Go round all your friend, relatives, co-worker, enemy, business rival and anyone you can get your hands on and storm the popular gathering place for 2009 countdown.Make yourself stand out from the crowd! Let the Empire strike back for few minute-lah ! XD

The Essential Requirement for party

OK ! See ya Folk at 2009 !
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