Thursday, December 18, 2008


So everyone these day having lotsa trouble in keeping their shopping spree in check. With the current economy and job market in dark uncharted water. It's time to follow my true tested old-time family traditional wisdom , "Be Cheapskate" . Sound very bit un-pleasant on the ears? iziit...... how bout "being thrifty, well-disciplines to save extra bit to wade the looming thunderstorm" . Ok! I start to sound like my grandfather! How bout the Osaifu Saver from Takaratomy mixing with RPG element to keep your eyes and heart in check that "makes every withdrawal, deposit, and expense a notable event". In simple term, you can save your moolah each time you are outside and fully enjoy the entire saving process while *other sucker bleed themselves to death on crazy shopping spree *

With a range of characters and storyline and comes with with a compartment that saves your receipts. Stay within the limit , Good thingy will show up or Nasty thingy if you overspend shown by the action movies that shot up in the screen.

From, it currently priced 45 Us dollars *ouch* then again it better to see things in the long run until the world economy pick up again.

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