Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Yes. There is new restaurant on the hood!

Imagine when going to a classy food and beverage outlet and within second, u are seated alongside with your girlfriend and the 1st thing you noticed that is there is no waiter/waitress to take order. But, instead u are ordering food or drink thru the touch screen which resembled like online pc game screen. Yes , Uwink have arrived in the market and ready to shake how you eat at out at restaurant by selecting and customized the food using the menu plus u can play games ,watch movies trailer, surf internet and etc. while waiting for the food to arrived. No worry, u have the the usual refill for drink using the touch screen itself to relay order itself. Cool and saves the time minus the usual shouting match during lunch hour chaos. hmmm? if only there is the mamak version? That would be great! XD

I wonder when we can enjoy the service here?

Yes! The owner itself is former owner of gaming company ! XD

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