Saturday, December 27, 2008

Ganbare! Ganbare! Ganbare!

Stress. Stress. Stress. Where my C4? .........Ok it the Christmas and soon 2009 is knocking thru our door. I should tone down my a bit er? Wait ! ........ Trip on something? Ganbare wonton noodles *For Student* which means "Don't give up !". Created specifically for those student which are facing tough time to pass the extrance examination in Japan! Whether this instant bowl wonton noodles can really turn you into a Einstein is unconfirmed but then again this is the guys that created the creative fish cake toy food . Using the cherry blossom image plus pink color wonton which used to symbolize good luck,students are eating good luck enchanced food to boast their chances. Ok it sound bit far-fetched . But then again. Anything is possible.

*Available from December 8th in tonkatsu and salt broth flavors for ¥170*

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