Sunday, November 23, 2008


Alright! To tell you folks out there thru~out Bolehland and the rest of the world! I love to saves my left-over money *coins and some Ringgit bills* inside A ~Used~ Milo Tin (currently overflowing and I need a 2nd one soon enuf!) since I am very indeed lazy to walk to nearest ATM machine to draw money out these day for safety reason and tiresome to go a nearby food and bevearage outlet just turn that RM50 bill into loose changes. Have you guys ever wonder if u can recorder your own natural voice inside the a coin box to motives you to saves money everyday, what will it sound like? Hmmmmmmm!

1) Oi ! Saves that Rm 100 now! Can buy that Harley Davidson Bike Soon!

2) Damn! Hurry saves that money ! Tomorrows can pay a deposit for a condo!

3) I wan to buy that BMW ! *CRIED AND WEEPING NON~STOP*

4) *Play that AH LONG is knocking on your doorstep song* Very Recommended*

5) Your Girlfriend or wife danging you to save more *100% Effective*

Despite is a bit cartoonish, rest assured it is designed for us the adult where ~the new Voice Memory Bank from Toy Box is designed to help you save ¥100,000 or equivalent around 1,000 US dollars or 3,700.00 MYR (*subject to change*) which mean a lot of moo-lah handy for people like me and you to pay that urgent payment or go on some holidays with your spouse or buy that you always wanted branded beg during the Great MegaSale. It would seem even Japanese are quite the *Milo tin* saver like me but with an exception their version a bit modern and very serious coz to the point to record your *motivational or nanging *own voice or other you need to deposit that ¥500 into the Voice Memory Bank which cost around of ¥1,995 (about $20 or 75 MYR) to get things started . A perfect Christmas present perhaps? XD

Buzz NEWS:A coalition of toy bank manufacturers, including Takara Tomy, Bandai, Banpresto, and Toybox, declared October 10th to be “savings day”~COOL


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this really sound special..

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