Saturday, November 29, 2008


The VERY Common Namecard!

Let's get one thing straight , I collected around 200 business name card which is lying around at my study table *Inside plastic namecard thingy holder*. I start to obtain them when I was airborning around KL/PJ doing errand for the former Warboss of mine 2 years ago. One major problem that I face is the fact *those 200 odds name card* is most of them look the same in term of design and causing lots if headache for me in sorting out them. However, from airborning today. I found that help solve and the same time pimp up your name card into entire exciting new level!

"just over
1,000 yen for 100 double sided full color cards. They have a template you download where you use Illustrator to make the data.Images should be embedded 300dpi and submitted in CMYK color separation with all fonts outlined. They print on demand and ship the same day* JAPAN ONLY"

PS: Try for brand style of name card! XD

Use Anime as attraction ! Of course!

A Short Creative Story within your name card!

The New "DannyChoo" name card!

Cute and creative does work *hand to hand*

"DA BOMB" namecard for your Favorite Client!

One thing to remember before you start printing your D-I-Y business card. NEVER COPY AND PASTE your favorite Anime or be prepared to be sued. Hired your own cartoonist if drawing is not your forte.*A FRIENDLY REMINDER FROM SPECTRE*


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Sweet Fairy said...

Great card. They will help me so much in choosing design for my plastic business cards. Thanks for sharing.

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