Friday, November 14, 2008


Do u guys knows that Karaoke machine is possibly my biggest nightmare plus the usual out of tone unsavory song sung by *noob* people that is enough to bring down the entire roof and building crashing down on your head during wee morning especially on weekend !Since their earliest invention from 80's from Japan, it can be practically found in any household thru the world and karaoke center mushrooming all around Asia and also at home, Bolehland!But behold there is newer and small karaoke machine coming soon to satisfied your need to sing even while taking the public transport to work or perhaps impress your boss during the lunch hour!

Hi-Kara features:
• 2.4 inch color monitor
• Mic and headphone set
• 2 headphone jacks
• Rolling lyric subtitles: Language is song specific (mostly Japanese)
• Power: AA x 4
• Manual (Japanese only)

Optional Accessories:
• USB Computer downloader plus 20-Track prepaid cartridge (windows only, Japanese interface HERE)
• Loaded cartridges: J-POP set (3 x 10 tracks), Anime/Children’s set (3 x 10 tracks) , or full set (all 6 cartridges)
See all of the available songs HERE
• Extra Headset
• AC Adapter
• Speaker attachment

Well, I guess it is targeted at Girls at 1st?

I wonder can it works with my BOSE headphone?

*So "Peace and Quiet" while commuting to work is history now?*

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