Saturday, November 1, 2008

Infectious Weekend Part 2

Yumiko , One of the many Artist contributing to Infectious

I remember the 1st time when I rented a very rundown with *lotsa hole* room at KL(Note: I was still studying and very cash strapped) . The one of many "No" rules of the owner that shoved down my throat is " No Self x'pression art" on the already black and dirty coffee stain wall which I largely ignored coz he there for getting the moolah on the end of the month. The rest of time, Well! Let say he is quite "Standardized bolehland Dude" with typical BOTH eyes closed. Anyway, for the 2nd part of my Infectious weekend, I introducing the D~I~Y wall art should you need to spice up your lousy living room to DA "The Most Wanted Room" in the neighborhood and also allow you to reclaim back your deposit without pissing off the owner in the end of your tenure.

Psycho Mouse is Back!

Only for Aries Girl Zone

In~Law coming: No Problem! They would understand *the Message* !

I should skip the tea and bread today!


Capricorn Dream

Entering Music Kitchen!

Warning: Demon Kitchen!

Wazzzup Dude: I"m bring the hood here!

The Skull Sleeping Zone!

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