Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wedding Blues

A Wedding made in H.E.L.L!

Wedding! That the most important day for any madly in love lovebird to get settled down for like eternity and spawn more little demon child to walk the earth but at the same time nearly went bankrupt with massive expenditure. I compiled few thing from my blue crystal thingy that usually that normal couples here at bolehland want for their perfect wedding (NOTE: In their demonic dream)

Finest Wine !

5 star buffet for relative and friends alike!

Romantic Honeymoon!

The Perfect Wedding of the Century!

But let the truth be damned told! These day, not many or rather handful people can afford this kind of marriage and some resort to do it the very extreme low cost way or trim the budget here and there so their account book will not bleed. Some even have to *rent* BMW car according to hour just to get that the feel of the great wedding! OUCH! But today, It is a great news for couples from Bolehland (Malaysia) , Lionland (Singapore), Mixed from both land , or at least half portion who has a citizenship from that country(*please check the term and condition 1st before joining*) stated Coz the Berjaya Hotel and Resort are sponsoring one lucky couple for that perfect marriage with the grand celebration at Langkawi!


The contest run from 14 October to 6 March 2008 where the eventual winner celebrating their weddings in style and without any financial headache! Roughly there are 4 stage where:-

1) Phase 1: *14 OCT to 27 Nov 2008*
Registration at the LOVEMEDO websites and get down with Q AND A session.

2)Phase 2: *28 Nov to 15 Jan 2009*
TOP 50 couples only are selected and post their video online to convince me and the rest of us why we should for them!

3) Phase 3: *16 Jan to 25 Feb 2009*
Only 7 couples left and be pampered with actual bridal photo shoot session, previewing wedding attires, romantic poolside dinner and etc. and sharing their experiences using personal blog!

4) Phase 4: *26 Feb to 6 March 2009)*
The top 3 finale.

A Real Wedding Dream!

As for us! (those still single and not in hurry to get married soon, you can join in as registered voter to choose the prefect couple and maybe stand a chance to win mystery prizes!


Ruionkoh said...

eh what the..
demon lord gotta get married soon?LOL
how much they paid u to do this???? T.T

Josh said...

OMG!!! Did they say that the wedding can be extended until the day I get marry if I win? XD

Spectre said...

KOH: Is my public responsibility that more de-- er happy marriage at bolehland!

JOSH: U ask Berjaya Group and see what their reply 1st ok!

curryegg said...

Got sponsor wedding? Ahww... feel like getting one but too bad... It's not in my plan yet.. :P

Spectre said...

No problem Curryegg, I am certain u and your future husband-to-be can fork like RM(MYR)100,000 or more XD