Friday, October 10, 2008


The USB or pen drive or thumb drive or whatever your call it. Spectre and majority people today at Bolehland couldn't imagining living without one coz its can virtually store many important *ahem* information for work and leisure in very compact mode. Long gone are those white tasleless USB and today, majority these new generation compact storage device has evolved in something much better so to speak.


Wake you up every morning with Explosion Sound! To stop the bomb, you have to pull out just one code from three. The safety code is set randomly every morning so it mean you better practice your bomb disposal skill now!


Learning new character is getting easier!

Miss Star War! Now u can own R2D2 and Darth Vader now!

An cute Evangelion Rei USB

See Rei at action daily !

The Cat are coming to take my laptop!

Really! is just a cute USB cat paws!

A Neck Tie tell a thousand picture !

A USB necktie can do wonders !

Meet Face Bank Mortar!

Which serves as piggy bank!

I think Face Bank Mortar is enjoying his job!

This unique variety of USB and piggy bank can be widely available at (Note: the priced quoted is in US dollar or EURO)


Josh said...

wtf spec... how come there is so many cool stuffs in japan that I missed out!?!??!

blue_racoon said...

trust the japs for their creativity :D

cazzycazz said...

I want the cat paw USB!!!! Available in this duno wat land??

KOKahKOK said...

cool i wan 1

Spectre said...

Josh: start to stop to look at AV and maybe u noticed something else!

Blue raccon: correct !XD

cazzycazz nad KOk: it available thru the link lol that i posted XD?

Johnny Ong said...

hey, i want that clock