Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Spectre Special Akibanana Dream

A fictional outlook of Spectre the Demon Lord
* nearly fainted without fresh air*

Last night, I have a dream . A great dream. A wonderful dream about a certain girl. "I was lost at Akibanana when suddenly a girl dressed in a maid costumes rescue me from unfamiliar terrain, people, building , nasty weather and etc. plus turbo charged me into the heart of the fun yet exciting stuff of the Akibanana" . Ok ,just my 2 sen hyper activated imagination during Raya break but really there is a real thing call "Akibanana Tour" where you can engaged a lovely tour guide (dude,gals) in cosplay costumes and multilingual to explore the inside out of Akibanana *for 2.5 hours for 3,000 yen ($30) per person* according to kilian-nakamura thus allowing to use your time to explore the area more quickly and efficently instead taking pot shot wandering aimless there.

Real Akibanana “Guide” (guide + idol) Cherry

You can choose which male/female guide to aid you around!

Their resume mostly consisted of blog, video, and etc.
* Now that a creative tour*

Yes, Spectre will Sign Up!

Yes, The Demon Lord believe in Akibanana Now.

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