Friday, October 24, 2008


I will not sleep on the train again and zzzzzzzzzzz!

If you are one of the many salarymen that used to commute for long hour back and forth from work and home. (*pix taken from*) Your are not alone here! But hey! The important thing that you can release that pent up tension by breaking and smashing thing (*legally*) in a secure environment like SarahSmashShack where you and your crazy pal can smash out the stress factor for a fees of course!

Really! It very cool and fun to smash things!

Behind this *innocent looking* shop at San Diego!

Plates have been lay waste and many is joining the rank soon!

A *customer* is readying to throw thingz!

You don't mess with me!

Judging from their menu, I can say that is losta stuff wanting to be smashed ranging from plates, flower, tray or bring your stuff to be pulverised starting from US 25 dollar and comes with protective gear plus bringing your own Mp3 song to heat up the atmosphere with your friend! Almost like a get~ along~ karaoke session minus singing part! Maybe we can use this kind of shop here coz Bolehland folk is always tension! XD

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