Monday, October 20, 2008

Removeable Decorative Wall Graphics

Super Mario Brother Everywhere!


Airborne thunderstorm!

Bomb Away !

The Sicko Killer alert !

The Machine are coming!

Dogs are not allowed at apartment but .........

I like balloon when I am reading!

Sweet pink doggies dream

The moon is mine!

The animal fire brigade is here!

I was getting sick with the white dull color of my walls that i decided to some make-up or using "Removeable Decorative Wall Graphics" since repainting takes many times and I really doubt the exterior or interior part of the house will look better unless I hired an contractor and tear everything apart and do anything from start. Any rate, is "Perfect for consumers who love personalizing their spaces and changing their minds, companies like Blik (grafix based) and Wonderful Graffiti (Copy based) sell decorative wall graphics that can be applied and removed at whim**". Maybe i should order one online!
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